First Post! (Or how I learn to navigate my first blog…)

Well, here I am! Amy Pond, writing a blog! Rory encouraged me to do it, so here I am! Even though we’re back on Earth and everything, he thought I should have some sort of creative outlet, since I used to write and make stuff up when I was a kid.  Of course, I wasn’t making it up. Never was. And I’m not making it up now. I used to travel in time and space, you see, in a big blue Police Public Call Box. Though, it wasn’t really a police box. That was just a disguise.

Though, I sometimes wished the bow ties were a disguise, but sadly that wasn’t meant to be.

The Doctor was the one who wore the bow ties, though, not me. I was the one trying to make him get rid of the ridiculous things, but the idiot wouldn’t budge. That was what I loved about him, though. He was my raggedy Doctor. My best friend. Fancied him for a little bit, but who wouldn’t? But I had Rory, and he helped me reconnect with him, since we were getting married the next day after he picked us up.

And that took fourteen years, too.

Here’s what I looked like when I met him.

Me, aged 7 (and a bit).

And here’s what I looked like when he came back (after 12 years of waiting, seeing him again when I was 18, and then waiting another two years after he ran off to the moon).

Me, aged 20 (and a bit).

Not bad, eh? Ooooh… almost forgot.

Here’s the other half (or should that be better half?)

The hubby, before we were married.

And the best mate.

The Doctor. Pretty scruffy looking, don’t you think?

And there’s the lot of us. Well, there’s one more member of the family (and yes, I even consider the Doctor family) I’ve yet to talk about, but she deserves a post all of her own. If only because her story will take the most time to tell.

So, I’ll sign off, for now. Toodles!



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